Friday, January 20, 2012

This is not the greatest song in the world

This is just a tribute.
I cut fill to page on the cricut with the sweethearts cartridge, then trimmed to 8.5x11 and backed each heart with a piece of scrap paper.  Then I stitched it to another 8.5x11 piece of cardstock so everything would stay in place.
Well making this page did help me to feel better, even though I still miss him and think about 849750393 times a day.  What is it exactly about putting something on a piece of paper that can make you feel so much better?  It's like a little bit of magic.  Who was the first person to write something down and then be like wow I feel so much better?  These are the kinds of questions I ask that get on my husbands nerves lol.  Like when I went crazy trying to find out why Native Americans had no facial hair, or who took the first hot shower. 
    Any who, I am still holding strong on the no spend January although is has gotten to be a bit of drag this last week as opposed to how uplifting if had felt before.  I even colored my own roots instead of going to salon.  I could see doing this inbetween visits to really stretch some dollars from now on.  I just used the wash out stuff in case it got really screwed up. 
     I am off to take a hot shower and I will try to enjoy it like I am the first person ever ;) , thanks for looking and have a great day.


  1. sorry for your loss. The page is wonderful. Putting it out there is kind of like magic.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, I know how heartbreaking it can be! Your dog was lucky to have a wonderful home with someone who loved it SO much! xoxo

  3. You are doing great with the no spend Jan. What a great way to start the year.
    So sorry for the loss of your sweet boy xxx