Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas recap

Well all I really wanted for Christmas was for none of us to have the stomach flu and this year I got what I wanted.  Last Christmas was in the middle of a three week blur of my kids and husband passing it back and forth to each other and I all I remember doing is mopping and laundry.  The big hit was the Ipad2 which my mom got for my oldest, but we all know what is going down when he's in bead at night ;).  My kids were probably the best behaved they have ever been at Christmas so I was able to really enjoy it and actually have a few meaningful, uninterrupted conversations.  I also got a 50mm lens from my parents, its a prime but I love it! Such an improvement from my old kit lens.  Here are some of my fave pics

Also for the first time in 2 weeks I made something! I hadnt had any pictures printed in forever and I finally ran out.  I dont have anything nice enough to print at home and it took forever for me to get a chance to get out and print some off.  Here is what I made

Those little chevron bags are from, so is the message washi which I am sticking on everything!
I made some card sets for Christmas presents and I was really nervous people wouldnt like them, but everyone seemed to appreciate it or at least they were very good at acting like it.  I have one more week of vacation for homeschooling so hopefully I can get a few more projects in.  Thanks for looking and have a great day.


  1. That washi tape is making me weak in the knees, I love it!!!
    Glad everyone was healthy for the holidays Jamie! Congrats on your 50mm, love mine :)

  2. Ha, that sounds like a very noble christmas wish! Glad everyone was healthy, and enjoy your new goodies!

  3. Enjoy your 50mm...can never have enough fun camera things! Merry Christmas to you and your family...