Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Challenging myself

So when I read about the first challenge at Scrapbooking From the Inside Out it just clicked, don't you love when that happens?  I knew immediately what pics I wanted to use and how I would incorporate the design twist.  Every month there are challenges and each challenge has a prompt and a twist that correlate with that months theme.  Here was the first challenge for September
Equilibrium: Are you someone who can maintain an 'even keel'? Is your personality type, or your learned behavior, steady, focused and smooth, or not? Do you handle yourself with grace and poise in difficult situations? Have you ever regretted your reaction to a difficult situation? What parts of your life need to be in place in order to maintain your equilibrium? What are the things, circumstances or changes that can throw you off? What's your first sign that you are feeling imbalanced before you can truly identify what's wrong? How do you regain your balance in the world of the 'new normal', either temporarily or indefinitely if something more permanent has changed?
When have you been thrown off balance? How did you (if you did) regain your equilibrium?

For the design twist, please make your photo elements uneven or even, whatever reflects your subject

Here is my page
I cut the pp to look like rollercoasters and the journaling is about how my youngest is an emotional rollercoaster.  There are several challenges every month and a great prize package for the winner. Thanks for looking and have a great day!


  1. I like how you did the paper to represent a roller coaster.

  2. Love those wobbly edges- I might need to try that soon!

  3. What a great prompt - and what a great page. Love how you shaped those bands of patterned paper and how it supports your story. Brilliant!

  4. Love the waves and movement on this layout Jamie!