Thursday, March 24, 2011

inspired by

Music, as of late anyway.   Seems everytime Im listening to music some lyric reminds me of a specific picture which then inspires me to do a layout.  I seem to go in spurts as to what inspires.  My last spurt was over magazine ads.  I had a folder of ads I had torn out and then just like that it was over.  I wonder what my next muse will be? Until then here are my recent projects all inspired by some of my favorite songs.

inspired by the killers "mr brightside"

inspired by coldplays "yellow"

thanks for looking and what has been inspiring you lately?


  1. Great pages!! Love the inspiration you used.

  2. fun pages! great idea for inspiration!

  3. I love music lyrics as inspiration. these are all great!!!

  4. What a great post Jamie! I love your Killers layout!!!

  5. Wow, these are all fabulous, especially that first one! Truly inspired!